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Tianlai nylon line 100m
Tianlai nylon line 100m
Goods:Tianlai nylon line 100m , Brand:Yile,Length:100m
  Product features:1,Imported Material,Super material,quality guarantee.2,Super Strength,Our strength is super. fishman can test,3.Cut Water Fast,Smooth surface,surpass traditional fishing line.4.Parallel Winding Design.
  Durable And Long Lasting,contain a strorig core structure that ensures durability is not compromised.
  Super Nylon Lure Line.It provides good breaking strength and joint resistance at an affordable price point
  Seper Material.The copolymer nylon' molecular structure ensures consistency,good handling and wasy of use
  Anti-Abrasion.The line is highly resistance to abrasion damaged caused by aquatic plant species and structures.
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