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Brand:YILE,Name:4/8XPE150Y,Length:150m,Material:Braided Line.
Our Advantages!! 
 1:Excellent wear resistance. 
  In fishing activities,the fishing line is always friotion repeatedly by the rock and loop. W e adopt the UHMWPE can make the line not easy to break and will be muoh strong and waer-resisting.
  The performance is stable under long-term UV irradiation
  When fishing,the line will be eroded by the seawater, corrosive element like salt, acid. alkali are the extreme test for rhe lines. And the low quality fishing line will normal break by the corrosion in the sea. But our braided line has the ability to resist these.
  4:Low density 
  The density smaller than 1,can float on the water easily and reach a balance with the hook and buoy Better to help you to catch the fish.
  5:High strength 
  lt is 10-15 times stronger than steel.
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