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Longteng nylon line 50m
Longteng nylon line 50m
Brand:YILE,Name:Longteng nylon line 50m, Length:50m,Material:Nylon Line.
  Dedicate to create high-end fishing tackle product.
 Selection of superior quality nylon line, lines getspecial prcess.Smooth coexists with abrasion resistant and strong strength.
  1:Imported high qulity nylon material.
  2:It sinks fast in water while roviding impressive camouflage capabilities.
  3:The Monofilament with low elasticity provides versatility and the high quality copolymer nylon allows quick color change
  4:Thinner But Stronger.10% Stronger then normal type.
  5:Anodizing surface, Corrosion resistant Fast hands swaps.Easy to operate. It's Smooth.
  6:Environmental producing ensure all line without pungent odor
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